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VSLeague deployment – Version 0.6

Major update on the VSLeague roadmap, here is the regionalization entering the ring, but not only! Here is the full menu:


– The whole technical architecture behind VSLeague has been changed and reworked (expect some latencies and a few bugs until we fix them quick!).
– Scroll bars have been updated throughout the site, allowing better navigation and unification of the style of scrolling bars on all devices (desktop and mobile)
– Removal of unused CSS and Javascript resources
– CSS and Javascript resources optimization
–  Titles styles uniformization
– Moved the cookies warning popup at the bottom of the site view, to avoid overlaping with certain information messages
– Replacement of the tabs system previously used by a new system adapting to all devices


– The regionalization of the leagues has been implemented. Each region can now have its own league instances. Two zone scales have been defined to bring together at the same time national leagues as well as supranational leagues grouping groups of countries.
– Until the end of the beta version of VSLeague seasons will still be created by the administrators. Starting from the Gold version, the deployment of the seasons on each region will be automated (yes, it will make a lot of leagues! :))
– The current seasons are converted into a special “beta” zone. These seasons will remain accessible to the same regions as at present (Europe + North Africa) and will be keeped for the posterity of beta testers of VSLeague!
– Fixed a problem blocking the rules duplication from one season to the next

Global Search

– The design of the search bar as well as that of the results list have been modified

Season list

– Added filters for the leagues regions
– Added region display for each league
– Graphic adjustments to the league blocks

Burger menu

– Fixed a graphic bug on mobile (small devices)

Match sheet

– Redesign date and time proposal modules
– Graphic improvements on the score entry popup
– Fixed various graphic bugs

Team edition

– Fixed the display in the demo area of ​​the team badge
– Minor graphics adjustments on the list of team members

Team creation

– Minor graphics adjustments on the list of team members

Video management

– Improved support for removed VODs from Twitch or Youtube to prevent them from distorting the site layout
– Added a link on the title of the videos, to navigate to the corresponding match sheet
– Graphic improvements on the VOD modules on the profile, game sheet, game page and VODs widget (dashboard).


– Add a background behind the registration form


– Graphic adjustments on the Division module
– Fixed a bug with the Next games module
– Fixed a bug with the Latest VODs module

Game and Season pages

– Redesign of the top banner
– Redesign of the results page

Game page

– Added search filters of season (region, status, format, platform, number of players)

My Matches page

– Graphic adjustments for better readability
– Added game logo and season format for each group of matches

Season and Ranking pages

– Graphic adjustments
– The link icon to the division pages has been changed

Season and Results Page

– Graphic adjustments for better readability

Player and Team profiles

– Fixed a display problem in the Leagues tab
– Fixed a display issue in the VODs tab