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VSLeague in “Jeune, trouve ta voie” on Radio Alger Channel 3

VSLeague - Radio Alger Chaine 3 - Jeune Trouve Ta Voie
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Invited by Imad Eddminutes, one of VSLeague creators has a few minutes on air to do a quick project overview.

This show targets the young people and talk about everyday topics but also artistics, about the web in general, and of course video games, both from a gaming and from a professional angle.

The intervention occurs around the 38th minute.


Find the the VSleague moment here:



And find also the complete show here:



The show “Jeune, Trouve Ta Voie” occurs every Sundy, Mondi, Tuesay and Wednesday between 8 and 9 p.m on Radio Alger – Channel 3. You can also listen directly to the show from this URL:

Finally, join the show’s Facebook page here: